Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Leaving Wnter

                   Hi Family

Well, everyone here is getting ready to go to their hometowns for Spring Festival (the big Holiday surrounding Chinese New Year). So we will be going too as everything here will be pretty much shutdown until the end of February. We'll be glad to be getting away from the cold. And before heading back to Canada we'll be spending almost 2 weeks in sunny Vietnam, much nicer weather:
 We had a lovely New years day workshop here. Including a Haven style choosing a word or theme for the coming year. Here's ours:

We had a table with art supplies where people could make their own word cards. Little did we imagine how popular would be the glitter. Everyone but us made their words with glitter:

The last 2 days here there was a film crew videoing us as part of a major promotional video for the next development phase of this town/resort/whatever it is. Carole who has experience being an "extra" on film sets in Vancouver said it is quite a similar setup:

And finally, I discovered a wonderful new food known as "mandarin oranges". I saw them for the last couple of months in the markets and stores but didn't buy any because what I remember of the Christmas boxes of mandarins in Canada is, well, all right but it's not my favourite fruit. Finally two days ago we were out of fruit and this is what was available at the local store:

They are soooo delicious, sweet, juicy fresh. mmmh, mmmh. What a difference when they don't have to get boxed up and shipped as freight to Canada. We ate them up and went back for more.

And now its time to pack. Our plane leaves at 6:45 tomorrow morning which means we are leaving here 2:45 am. I guess we'll try to sleep on the plane.

Best wishes to all for the Year of the Monkey, which begins soon.
love Bill, and Carole

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